Information and Support

Information & Support

Support services provided by the Information & Support Team

One of the basic foundations of the Association is the concept of friendship and a sense of community. Having a friendly neighbour and a good circle of friends provides most Members with the level of security and support they need. There are now, in the Maltese Islands, well established home/residential care organisations. However, in emergencies, each Group has Information & Support Officers who may be able to volunteer additional assistance when Members are sick, living alone in or in care accommodation, or when a death occurs. This assistance may take a variety of forms of support, but does not include acting as a home help, substitute nurse, or providing general free transport.

The Information & Support Officers are supported by a Information & Support Coordinator who is a member of the BRA Council. The Information & Support Coordinator offers support to the Information & Support Officers, and gives appropriate advice to the Information & Support Team.

Whilst the Association endeavours to alert Members to situations which may affect them, it cannot offer definitive professional advice or recommend the services of any particular professional company. Members are advised to continually ensure that their own knowledge of all issues which may affect them is kept up to date. The Association is not able to provide financial assistance to Members under any circumstances.

If you are thinking about moving to live in Malta, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the UK provides a leaflet Moving Overseas. Information may also be obtained on their website