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The British Residents’ Association (BRA) in the Maltese Islands was established since 1969 to “foster friendly and harmonious relations between members of the Association and with the people of the Maltese Islands and to assist, advise and represent members in suitable matters.  The Association is independent, secular and non-political.”

Our Patron is the current British High Commissioner.

The Association is divided into four groups based on geographical areas. Each group is represented on the BRA Council, which has overall control and management of the Association. Members are from all walks of life and of all age groups.

We offer a varied social activity outlet and the chance to develop lasting friendships with other British residents, Maltese and foreign nationals of all ages. There is a strong support system, both centrally and through our groups, keeping members up to date on important information, and services.

The BRA Council regularly compiles and issues useful information regarding living in the Maltese Islands and a complete diary of all the Association’s activities which are published by each Group together with their individual local newsletters.



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